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Use on the finger​​​ / hand.

The Laedi elasticated lumbar support with strap supports and stabilises the back muscles for lower back pain (lumbar pain, lumbago) combined with disorders or diseases affecting the facet joints.

The additional strap supports fine adjustment and therefore ensures support and wearing comfort.

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Possible uses​​​​​​​.

Can be worn for preventative reasons during heavy physical work outside (protects against the cold and wind too).  Suitable for preventative measures in sport (e.g. strength training with heavy weights, for specific athletic throwing disciplines, etc.).

Can be applied directly to the skin or over a garment.

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Using the first-aid bandage on the finger​​​.

The multifunctional first-aid bandage can also be used for head injuries. It is used to fix and stabilise sprains, bruises, or fractures or as a pressure bandage for wounds.

It is possible to use the antibacterial emergency bandage on any part of the body and this can be done independently or by another person easily and quickly.

The elasticated bandage is attached to the body part using the sling and is then wrapped around and finally fixed using the Velcro fastener. It can be used over and over again and washed.

Other possible uses​​​​​​​​.